About Us

Pica8 is in the business of enabling great, open enterprise networks.

We literally partner with each and every customer to give them the networks they have always wanted to run their businesses on, not the rigid, overly complex and expensive ones that legacy vendors decide to deliver to them at the end of some lengthy R&D cycle.

Founded in 2009, we were first to market with an open, Linux-based network operating system that ran on white box switches from a variety of hardware manufacturers. Now we are first to market with a disaggregated NOS that can apply the endless programmability and flexibility of the technology formerly known as SDN – the number “8” in our logo is, and always has been, an infinity symbol – directly to existing L2/L3 networks and applications.

But when we founded Pica8 we were also well aware that with great programmability comes great responsibility to also make modern, disaggregated networking digestible, desirable, and easy to use for all of our customers. To that end there is no big “ask” when deploying our PICOS solutions – no new programming languages to learn and no new interfaces to learn. All you get is a more secure, more useful and more reliable network that just happens to be about half the cost of what you’re running now.

Pica8’s Blueprint for Customer Success

Tenet #1: Make Pica8 Solutions Extremely Easy to Digest and Deploy

Tenet #2: Seamlessly Interoperate with Customers’ Existing L2/L3 Network Infrastructure

Tenet #3: Always Offer Superior Service/Support Regardless of Customer Size

Tenet #4: Differentiate on Technology so Customers can Differentiate in their Markets

Tenet #5: Never Lock-in Customers to a Single Hardware or Software Vendor (Even us)

Tenet #6: Be the Most Capable and Most Programmable Solution for Enterprise Feature Sets — Period

Tenet #7: Continue to Make New Networking Technologies Consumable by the Enterprise

Tenet #8: Continue to Lead the Industry in Simple but Powerful Solutions for Zero-Trust Networking and the Software Defined Perimeter

Our Backstory

The name Pica8 – pronounced “peek-ah eight” – was created by a very sharp group of engineers and software developers way back in 2009, so – wait for it — it’s actually, in part, an acronym for Programmable Internetworking and Communications Architecture.  But it was also inspired by the toughness and adaptability – and, to be fair, the sheer “cuteness” factor — of real life pikas, which are the only mammal that can live and thrive at altitudes in excess of 20,000 feet.

But there’s also a – literal – twist hiding in the name. The number 8 is actually not a number at all. It’s an infinity symbol. (Hence the “infinitely programmable” tag line.) What’s more, the “8/infinity symbol” is rendered in two colors to connote Pica8’s unique capability to run two coupled control planes to manage all the traffic in our customers’ modern disaggregated networks. At one point the company logo had the infinity symbol sitting on top of the word “Pica,” but the pronunciation of that stumped everybody. So Pica8 it was.

With the company now named, the product also had to have an identity. Still unfettered by any serious marketing oversight in 2009, the founding team at Pica8 soldiered on and came up with another acronym – surprise! — for the name of their flagship software solution. To their eternal credit, PICOS is far easier to say than Programmable Internetworking and Communication Operating System.