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Welcome to Pica8’s Documentation, Warranty, PICOS Downloads, and License Portal

Pica8 is far more than just another networking vendor. As the first to bring stable, Linux-based networking software on white box hardware to the market, we knew we had to step up far beyond “traditional” support models to help knock down all the Fake News about our industry. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re obsessively dedicated to providing world-class support to our all of customers – no matter how big or small they are — 24 x 7 x 365. Everyone here at Pica8 is an advocate for all of you.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Once the SSO ID has been created for you by PICA8 you can set your password.

  1. Click on the “Single Sign On Profile” button
  2. Click on “I forgot my password” link
  3. Provide your email address.
  4. Upon receiving the reset email update your password
*Privacy Policy: by accessing these Pica8 portals, the end user gives explicit consent for Pica8 to collect, store, and process personal information. Pica8 minimizes information collected only as needed to response to end user’s support request. The information can only be processed by to Pica8. Personal information is not shared with 3rd party marketing vendors. At anytime, an end user may opt out, having their personal information immediately removed from Pica8’s support databases. For more infomration see Pica8’s Privacy Policy.
Worldwide Support
+1 (650) 614-5838
Americas Region
+1 (650) 614-5838
Asia/Pacific Region
+86 10-6213-7852

Our tiered customer support model is built with four levels of escalation. Initial response and target resolution times range from a few business days to as little as 1 hour based upon:

  • Selected support option
  • Severity level of the request:
    • Major Outage
    • Minor Outage
    • Questions on Configurations, CLI Syntax, Bugs & Undocumented Behavior

Pica8 has a growing library of online support resources designed to answer the majority of our customers’ questions, including:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Product documentation: release notes, service bulletins and knowledge-base