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Pica8’s mission statement is a simple one: To be the only networking software vendor your enterprise will ever need – Today, tomorrow and beyond. We are committed to providing world-class support to all of our customers – 24 x 7 x 365.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Once the SSO ID has been created you can set/re-set your password.

  1. Click on the “Single Sign On Portal” button
  2. Click on “I forgot my password” link
  3. Provide your email address.
  4. Upon receiving the reset email update your password

Contact Us

  • Worldwide Support
  • support@pica8.com
  • +1 (650) 614-5838
  • Americas Region
  • support@pica8.com
  • +1 (650) 614-5838
  • Asia/Pacific Region
  • support@pica8.com
  • +86 10-6213-7852

Tiered Support

Our tiered customer support model is built with four levels of escalation. Initial response and target resolution times range from a few business days to as little as 1 hour based upon:

Pica8 has a growing library of online support resources designed to answer the majority of our customers’ questions, including: